E agora, José?
Seu time perdeu
A cerveja acabou
A internet pifou


Losing It

I look around
I try to find it
Where did I leave it?

It's not under my pillow
Not on the bedside table
Maybe in its drawer!

I've looked in all my jeans' pockets
I only have a jacket worth wearing
Not there either

Suddenly, it comes to me:
If I've never had it,
How can I be losing it?


God's Playground

A manual on living on this planet

As far as my interpretation goes, I believe Adam and Eve were not really kicked out of paradise. Eden is here. God, for reasons we might never know, created this planet for His children to play in. And He loved His children so much He put very simple rules for them to use the play ground. Those are the following:
1. Love one another.
2. Take good care of the playground I created for you.
Yes, that's it. No ten commandments. No 7 Deadly Sins. That's all that is.
The thing about Adam and Eve being kicked out was just a metaphor. Nobody is actually gonna be kicked out. The only thing is, if you do not abide by those two simple rules you might end up losing your playmates and/or the playground.